Thank you for the meal, Paul and Pamela!

Nom nom nom: Oh how lovely it is – being served a good piece of boiled whale meat for lunch on a Saturday. Well-cooked with tender blubber on the side, as well as newly plucked Faroese potatoes from outside our house. Thanks for the meal, Paul and Pamela!

As a Faroeman, I am somewhat delighted over the fact that we are still killing whale. The great taste – the good un-industrialised food. The shoal of pilot whales just swam in between the islands and we killed them – good news for many palates. And nothing has been wasted. – Pure food without any of the injected chemical stuff put there to maintain the taste. Only pure nourishment.

Yes, Pamela. This is one reason for why we still kill whales. The grind is good, the grind is great food and we like it.

Thank you for the meal, Paul and Pamela!

Author: TOF field