The internet of everything

The internet of everything – Our relationship with the internet| DW Documentary

The Internet is in the process of infiltrating all aspects of human life. “Reformed techno-utopian” and filmmaker Brett Gaylor ventures into the world of digital invention. Here, he meets people who have made significant contributions to the “Internet of Things.” One of them is Kristina Cahojova. She has developed a device that relays information about fertility from the vagina directly to the cloud. Journalist Nellie Bowles met a victim of domestic violence who was terrorized by her ex-boyfriend in their shared ‘smart’ apartment. Meanwhile, in China, citizens are rewarded for behaving in socially desirable ways. In Toronto, activist Bianca Wylie warns against the Sidewalk Labs project, which turns people into guinea pigs. The documentary poses fundamental questions about people — and their personal data.

Author: TOF field